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Mid Hudson Girls’ Youth Lacrosse Rules for 
2014 US Lacrosse Youth Rules apply with the following modifications:
Fields can be of non-regulation size. Corners, substitution box and restraining line should be marked with cones. (This HELPS our officials! Please make every effort to mark the area).
Teams shall field 12 players with as few 10 players if both coaches agree.
Officials do not need to do a pre-game stick check. All coaches are required to confirm players sticks are legal. Stick checks are recommended at the 7/8 level. (No boys sticks allowed at any level).
Equipment: Players must wear protective eyewear. A mouthpiece is required at all times (not white or clear in color) and must cover the upper jaw/teeth. Goalkeeper is required to wear a helmet with a face mask, separate throat protector, chest protector, pelvic protection with hip and thigh pads, goalie gloves and padding on the shins. It is recommended that goalies at the lower levels wear knee pads.
General Playing Rules:
On the draw a player’s top hand may not contact any part of the sidewall or pocket of her stick.
absolutely no checking at the 3/4 and 5/6 levels. At the 7/8th grade level, checking is only permitted below the shoulder.
Stick Checking: There is
DRAW at the center hash mark.   A free position will be taken at the center by the team with fewer goals if a four or more goal differential exists. (ALL Levels)
The game will begin with a
All play is started and stopped with the whistle.
No checking (3/4 and 5/6 grade). (Major foul)
Modified checking (7/8 grade). (Major foul if checking occurs above the shoulder)
Three Second Defensive Rule
A player my not hold onto the ball for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded/ marked and the defense has both hands on her stick and is position to legally check if checking were allowed. (All levels). Please note: The defender MUST have two hands on the stick at least a stick length away when guarding/marking the player with the ball. The offensive player must switch hands (to cradle the ball on the opposite side of the body away from the defender) pass or shoot within the 3 seconds or the whistle is blown, the defense is awarded the ball and the player must go 4 meters away. (THIS IS THE USLACROSSE YOUTH 3 SECOND RULE THAT WAS PUT INTO PLACE IN 2006 – It is meant to teach good defensive positioning and offensive stick skills. You will need to teach your players to switch hands, pass or shoot when the Defense is Defending the ball stick side).
. Minor Foul: 4m away from the player.
Major Foul: 4m directly behind the player
Penalty for a foul is a free position with all players, including the offender, moving 4m away from the ball.
3/ 4th Grade Division: Level C
**** One coach is permitted on the field for the purpose of instructing players during game play. (Officials will ask coaches to leave the field if they feel the coach is obstructing the game or being inappropriate)
Seven field players is optional.
Field size 50yds.x 25 yds. is recommended.
Use of a goalie is optional. Teams at this level may use an “eliminator” or lacrosse shot target screen that attaches to a regulation lacrosse goal with fasteners. (Most popular is the Warrior Monster Lacrosse Shot Target – found at
Youth sticks (mesh allowed) or regular women’s crosse, modified pocket. No boys’ stick permitted.
20-minute halves (max.) running time.
May not shoot from any free position. All penalties are “indirect” as in soccer.
All free positions are indirect (the player with the ball may not shoot directly from the free position - must pass the ball).
This level will use the restraining line and is required to keep 4 back. Officials are requested to remind players and coaches when a team is offsides. They do not need to blow the whistle for a penalty.
11. This level will use a 3 pass rule. The official will count 3 passes past the midfield – before a player can shoot on goal. If a shot is taken and deflected off the goalie or goal cage – the offensive can go directly to goal. If the goalie makes a save and the clear is intercepted – the offensive team must pass 3 times again. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT 3 DIFFERENT PLAYERS TOUCH THE BALL! Teams have taken advantage of this rule in the past and only the best 2 players would pass to each other past midfield. This level will move toward the 3 second defensive rule next year.
5/6th Grade Level: Level B
Eleven field players, one goalkeeper
Field size 90yds x 50 yds. is recommended
Regular field markings, including restraining line.
Regular women’s crosse, modified pocket allowed.
25-minute halves (max) running time.
May shoot from direct position.
NO 3 pass rule will be used at this level. All teams must use the 3 second defensive rule described in the general rules section on page one.
7/8th Grade Level: Level A (includes Travel Team)
Eleven field players, one goal keeper
Field size: 100yds. X 70yds. is recommended.
Regular field markings, including restraining line.
Regular women’s crosse, regulation pocket.
Modified checking only (below the shoulder).
25-minute halves, running time.
May shoot from direct free position.
NO 3 pass rule. Must use the 3 second defensive rule described in the general rules section on page one